How To Winterize Your Motorcycle

Adapted from original blog post by Cardo Systems   As the crisp air of winter nips at our heels, it’s time for us motorcyclists to think about winterizing our beloved machines. If you intend to...

Must-Have Adventure Motorcycle Gear: 12 Essential Products

Adapted from original blog post by   Are you ready to hit the gravel roads one last time before winter? Whether you’re a seasoned adventure rider or a newbie, having the right gear can make...

Motorcycle Marriage Proposals Using Cardo Systems

One of Cardo’s most recent global customer surveys revealed that over 250 Cardo users had proposed over their Cardo - just 20 years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible, as motorcycle communication devices didn’t exist outside of motorcycle hand signals and shouting at each other at traffic lights. Cardo has led the way in improving the world of motorcycle intercom systems.

Date Night Ride: 5 Benefits of Motorcycle Communication for Couples

Modern motorcycle tech has made it possible to feel connected on another level with your significant other. Cardo’s groundbreaking Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercoms are the gold standard for communication when riding on date night: either as rider and pillion, or each partner riding their own bike.

Fuel Your Future Journeys - Why Charging Your Cardo Is Important

People worldwide often wonder how Cardo calculates battery life figures and why charging your device is crucial, even when it’s not in use. What’s the deal with this, how does it function? And what is talk time? We are here to help you understand your Cardo device and its battery life.

Record Your Voice & Intercom Chat, Save It To Your Phone & Share It With Just About Anyone!

Capture adrenaline-filled journeys, thrilling stories, foolish nonsense, or just your own in-helmet karaoke on the way to work. Cardo's new intercom recording feature will allow you to capture your voice and intercom conversation and save it directly into your phone.

Connect Your Cardo Seamlessly To Major Bluetooth Brands!

By Tal Brink and   Fed up with Bluetooth brands that don’t talk to each other? So were we! That’s why the following release is one we are extremely proud of.On top of your...

Cardo Packtalk NEO vs Packtalk EDGE: Unraveling The Ultimate Motorcycle Communication System Showdown

Cardo Packtalk NEO vs the Cardo Packtalk EDGE: both communication systems are designed for motorcyclists seeking seamless connectivity and unrivalled communication while riding. By comparing their features, performance, and benefits, we hope to help you make an informed decision and elevate your motorcycle communication experience.

Boost Your Rental Business with Cardo Packtalk ORV

Add value to your rental business with the world's premium powersports communicator! The Packtalk ORV will elevate your customer experience and boost safety.

Ski Communicator: Why choose Cardo Packtalk OUTDOOR?

Finding a ski communicator can be surprisingly hard. Let's look at the features that make the Packtalk OUTDOOR the most capable communication device and audio system for skiers and snowboarders.

#Farmconnected with Cardo ORV!