Must-Have Adventure Motorcycle Gear: 12 Essential Products

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Are you ready to hit the gravel roads one last time before winter? Whether you’re a seasoned adventure rider or a newbie, having the right gear can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll explore 12 must-have adventure motorcycle products that will enhance your safety, comfort, and overall riding experience. Get ready for some adventure!


1. Motorcycle Helmet

The right helmet will make your ride that much smoother. It should fit comfortably, yet firmly, over your head and stay in position when you bend over. Inspect your helmet for damage, including dents, loose padding and frayed straps, and replace your gear every five to seven years.

Wear goggles to shield your eyes if you wear a half-face helmet. Full-face helmets offer more protection when you’re out riding - especially when riding on uneven terrain.

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2. Wireless Headset

You never know when you might need to send a message to one of your companions while riding, and it’s never a good idea to pull out your phone mid-trip – let alone being illegal! Using hand signals can also distract you from the path ahead. Use Cardo motorcycle helmet communication to talk to your friends wirelessly.

The headset clips onto your helmet and can easily be removed if you need to leave your helmet behind. Just speak to reach anyone in your group up to a mile away without looking away from the road. You can also access your smartphone or GPS without taking your hands off the controls.

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3. Hydration Pack

You may not feel like you’re working up a sweat, but adventure riding can be physically taxing on the body.

Drink plenty of water throughout your trip to stay sharp. Refill your bottles at the end of each day to get a strong start in the morning. If you don’t feel like stopping, hydration packs help to keep you hydrated while riding.

We recommend: Motogear Hydration Packs


4. Motorcycle Gloves

Every rider needs a strong pair of gloves designed for motorcycling. There are several different types of materials and protective features that make up quality gloves.

When trying on gloves, ensure you have a bit of space at your fingertips so you have a comfortable grip while riding. Use a waterproof pair or outer shell to keep your hands warm and dry during inclement weather.

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5. Motorcycle Boots

Your boots need to stay firmly attached to your feet and your footpegs. Look for a pair designed for motorcycling with treaded soles that grip onto the pegs. They should also be waterproof and comfortable for walking if you want to sightsee off the beaten track.

We recommend: Motogear Adventure Boots


6. Camping Equipment

Consider packing a small tent and sleeping bag on board, even if you plan on sleeping at hotels. You might find there’s no vacancies in town and need to set up camp at a local campsite.

7. Navigation Tools

Give yourself plenty of ways to navigate the area, including a reliable GPS or phone holder, a smartphone with emergency numbers in the contact list, a radio (in case you lose a signal), paper maps and a compass.

Cardo handsfree communication systems help you to hear the directions without looking down at the screen.

We recommend: Quadlock and Beeline


8. First Aid Supplies

Prepare for the worst with a first aid kit. It should contain everything you need to treat aches, pains, cuts and other minor wounds. Check the expiration date on the medications.

9. Repair Kit

The well-known saying is ‘if you have one, you won’t need one’. Designed to keep you moving until you reach the closest repair shop. Include a tire pressure gauge, air pump, lubrication, putty sealant, screwdriver, wrench, cable ties and duct tape. Add in a headlamp to see in the dark.

We recommend: Motogear Tyre Repair


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10. Comfortable Layers

Dress for any type of weather by building up a series of layers you can easily take on and off. Start with a moisture-wicking inner wool or synthetic fabric layer that will dry quickly when wet. Use thermals and fleeces that lock in warm air without weighing you down. Add a neck warmer or balaclava for ultimate comfort.

We recommend: Acerbis Giansey Balaclava or Motodry Neck Warmer


11. Waterproof Outer Layers

As well as the waterproof liners in your motorcycle jacket and pants, you can wear waterproof outer layers to doubly ensure you stay dry.

We recommend: Motogear Rainwear


12. Motorcycle Luggage

Keep your belongings handy and organised with luggage designed specifically for motorcycles. As an adventure rider, you’ll want to consider waterproof luggage that you can carry with you when you leave your bike unattended.

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Now ride!

Adventure is calling - all you need is the proper gear. Pack these essentials to make the most of your time on the road. Happy trails!