Date Night Ride: 5 Benefits of Motorcycle Communication for Couples

Date Night Ride: 5 Benefits of Motorcycle Communication for Couples
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There’s nothing like that feeling of freedom, connection and intimacy that riding motorcycles together brings, whether as rider and pillion, or each riding their own bike. But to capture all those amazing things, you and your partner need a way to communicate easily and freely, without having to re-adjust finicky hand controls or pull over all the time.

Fortunately, modern motorcycle tech has made it possible to do all this and more, and Cardo’s groundbreaking Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercoms are the gold standard for communication when riding. These 5 reasons will show you why bikers around the world trust Cardo’s communication systems to enhance the rider experience and keep everyone safe while having a blast on the road.

1. Your ride can be safer:

Riding safely with a passenger or as a riding duo, means that both parties need to be able to communicate clearly and instantly. Motorcycle hand signals can work, but they’re not exactly precision communication, and it can be frustratingly difficult to communicate with the nuance you need when riding together.
Quick communications, such as telling a pillion to lean into curves a little more or less, or warning your fellow rider about a dangerous driver, can be super-important for a safe ride. That’s why it’s a great idea to grab a Cardo Systems Bluetooth helmet communication system that allows simple and intuitive voice-activated communication.

2. Your ride will be more comfortable and fun:

Your ride won’t just be safer - it will also be more fun and more comfortable when you and your significant other can communicate easily. Need to stop for a bathroom break or a snack, or need the other person to adjust their position slightly? It’s as easy as saying the words when you’re using your Cardo Systems motorcycle helmet intercom. Just as importantly, you can point out the soaring scenery that makes riding in the country such a blast.

3. You can enjoy your favourite music and podcasts together:

Whether you’re rocking out to heavy metal, cruising to the latest hits, experiencing the flow and beauty of classical music or enjoying your favourite podcast, your journey will be more fun when you can enjoy shared high-definition audio.
Cardo motorcycle helmet intercoms make music sharing easy. The intercoms quickly connect to your streaming device or smartphone, which means you have full access to all of your music, playlists and podcasts with just the sound of your voice. Best of all, high-definition speakers and advanced audio processor designs make sure that everything sounds crystal-clear and tightly defined for a more expansive and enjoyable sonic experience.

4. You can take calls together:

Best friends calling to invite you to a night out? Adult children asking you to babysit your grandchildren? Whoever it is on the other end of the line, Cardo communication systems allow riders and pillions, and riders-to-riders, to take phone calls hands-free and merge them seamlessly into existing DMC communication channels. And with our famous HD sound quality, you can say goodbye to “Say what?” and “Come again?” during your calls.

5. You’ll feel more connected and share the experience together:

At the end of the day, it’s all about connection when you’re riding together. Without getting too hippy-dippy about it, it’s about as close as you can get to being one body and one mind behind the bars - and when you’re using Cardo Systems motorcycle helmet intercoms, every tight corner and thrilling burst of the throttle is an experience that can be shared. That’s why we do what we do at Cardo - to help create the human connections that can only be formed on a motorcycle.

Rider and pillion getting ready to ride their motorcycle, using Cardo intercom system to chat

How to Choose the Right Bluetooth Communication System for Your Next Date

Finding time together is hard enough, so make sure you have the right Bluetooth device for your big romantic night out. The last thing you want to deal with is a dead battery or poor connection when you’re trying to have fun as a couple. Look for these features when looking for a Bluetooth intercom:

Voice Commands:

You need to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the handlebars when riding a motorcycle. That’s why it’s best to use a Bluetooth headset that comes with voice command technology. The device will respond to your voice, so you can access all the features of your mobile device without lifting a finger. You shouldn’t have to physically touch your device to issue a command, or your device could put you and your pillion at risk.

Noise Cancellation:

Nothing could be more soothing than the sound of your partner’s voice - unless you can’t hear them. You’re going on a date to spend time together, so you need to make sure you can hear each other during the ride. Whether you’re riding on one motorcycle or two, you can both use a headset with noise cancellation to drown out the sounds of the road. This makes it easy to hear all the nuances of the conversation, which is what makes dating so exciting in the first place!


Connectivity can be a major issue when you’re trying to sync up with your better half, especially if you’re using two different kinds of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. Make sure you are both using the same kind of Bluetooth to keep your connection stable on the road. Look for a device with a maximum range of 100ft/30m or more if you plan on traveling separately. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting separated when you’re supposed to be spending time together.

Comfort and Fit:

If you are the more experienced rider, make sure your companion feels safe and protected with a correctly fitting and comfortable communication unit. The Bluetooth intercom should fit on the side of their helmet without obstructing their view or rubbing against their face, and you should be able to adjust the position of the speaker.

Rider and pillion on a date and using Cardo Motorcycle Helmet Communicator to talk


The Best Cardo Intercoms for Couples

If your significant other is riding as your passenger, use the Cardo SPIRIT for the best rider-to-passenger experience. Are you both riding bikes? We suggest using the Cardo FREECOM 2x intercom for seamless rider-to-rider communication. Additionally, if you decide to extend into a double date, your group can utilize the Cardo FREECOM 4x, which is the perfect communication device for up to four riders.