Connect Your Cardo Seamlessly To Major Bluetooth Brands!

Connect Your Cardo Seamlessly To Major Bluetooth Brands!

By Tal Brink and


Fed up with Bluetooth brands that don’t talk to each other? So were we! That’s why the following release is one we are extremely proud of.

On top of your current OBi connectivity, your device can now also seamlessly communicate with the latest generation Sena, directly via the standard Bluetooth intercom.

The seamless connectivity feature is available for Cardo’s current range of communicators equipped with the 5.2 Bluetooth chip. Just download it directly from your mobile phone using the Cardo Connect app.

The update is effective for all Sena devices with a 4.1 Bluetooth chip or higher. For Midland and Uclear connectivity, please continue to use Open Bluetooth Intercom (OBi) standard as before.





  1. Forget the hassle of using Bluetooth devices of different brands. The experience will be as seamless as connecting and communicating between two devices of the same brand and won’t require universal pairing on either side. Just pair, connect, and go.

  2. Eat the cake and keep it whole! No more sacrificing the mobile connection channels, you will keep the ability to receive phone calls, and navigation instructions and listen to music or FM on either side (parallel audio is based on the support of specific models).

  3. Please note that, just as music sharing is not supported between two different generations of Cardo products, it won’t be possible to share music between different brands.