Cardo Packtalk NEO vs Packtalk EDGE: Unraveling The Ultimate Motorcycle Communication System Showdown

Cardo Packtalk NEO vs Packtalk EDGE: Unraveling The Ultimate Motorcycle Communication System Showdown
By Tal Brink and

Unveiling the battle of the Titans: the Cardo Packtalk NEO vs the Cardo Packtalk EDGE

Both systems are designed for motorcyclists seeking seamless connectivity and unrivalled communication while riding. Join us as we explore and compare each device's features, performance, and benefits to help you make an informed decision and elevate your motorcycle communication experience.


Before diving into the details of the NEO and EDGE models, let's understand the essence of the Cardo Packtalk series. Cardo Systems, a pioneer in Bluetooth communication for motorcyclists, has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to cater to the needs of riders worldwide. The Packtalk series, a testament to their commitment, has revolutionised how riders communicate on the road.

Cardo Packtalk NEO


The Packtalk NEO: Your Trusted Riding Companion

Cardo Packtalk NEO

The Cardo Packtalk NEO is the epitome of reliable and feature-packed motorcycle communication. With its cutting-edge DMC (Dynamic Mesh Communication) technology, the Packtalk NEO elevates group riding to a new level. The NEO facilitates seamless communication with up to 15 riders, creating a virtual network that adapts to the group's movement and ensures no one gets left behind.

Key Features of the Packtalk NEO:

  • Dynamic Mesh Communication: The DMC technology allows real-time, self-adjusting, and fluid communication within the group, even if a rider leaves or rejoins.
  • Universal Connectivity: The NEO offers compatibility with other Bluetooth communication systems, ensuring you can communicate with riders using non-Cardo devices.
  • Natural Voice Commands: Stay focused on the road with hands-free control using intuitive voice commands for various functions like answering calls or adjusting volume.
  • JBL Sound System: Experience unrivalled audio quality with the integrated JBL speakers, delivering clear and powerful sound during your rides.
  • Waterproof and Durable: The NEO is rated IP67 waterproof, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions and extend its longevity.


The Packtalk EDGE: Redefining High-End Motorcycle Communication

Cardo packtalk EDGE

If you seek a premium and technologically advanced communication system, the Cardo Packtalk EDGE might be your ultimate choice. The EDGE retains the DMC technology while integrating additional features that cater to the most demanding riders. With the EDGE, you can lead a group of up to 15 riders and experience a seamless connection beyond conventional Bluetooth systems.

Key Features of the Packtalk EDGE:

  • DMC Technology: As with the NEO, the EDGE utilises DMC technology for unmatched group communication, ensuring a smooth and dynamic riding experience.
  • Sound by JBL: Embrace the symphony on wheels with JBL-engineered speakers, providing an unparalleled sound experience during your adventures.
  • Premium Materials: The EDGE is crafted from high-quality materials, exuding durability and style, making it a faithful companion for long journeys.
  • Built-in FM Radio: Enjoy endless entertainment with the integrated FM radio, connecting you to your favourite stations on the go.
  • Parallel Audio Streaming: Connect two smartphones via Bluetooth and seamlessly switch between them, staying connected on multiple fronts.


Packtalk NEO vs Packtalk EDGE: The Ultimate Showdown

Now that we've delved into the distinct features of both models let's draw a comprehensive comparison between the Packtalk NEO and Packtalk EDGE to help you make an informed decision.



The first difference is the price, with the NEO coming in cheaper.



Both devices are easy to mount regardless of what type of motorcycle helmet you own. However, the EDGE uses an air mount, while the NEO uses a standard clicking mount. The air mount is slightly more convenient because all you have to do is hold your device over the mount, let it snap on the mount, and it will stay securely attached. The clickable mount requires you to slide the device into the sleeve on the mount until you hear a clicking sound. You don’t have to worry about your device falling off with either mount, but commuters prefer the grab-and-go style of the air mount. 



The Packtalk EDGE and NEO are covered under the Cardo Systems warranty, which covers the cost of replacement/repairs. However, the EDGE comes with a three-year warranty compared to a two-year warranty on the NEO. If you plan on regularly using your device for years to come, consider opting for a longer warranty to reduce the cost of repairs.


Conclusion: Choosing Your Ultimate Riding Companion

The Cardo Packtalk NEO and Packtalk EDGE are powerful contenders in motorcycle communication systems. The NEO is an excellent choice if you value dynamic mesh communication and universal connectivity. On the other hand, if you seek the pinnacle of premium features, audio experience, and smartphone integration, the EDGE might be your ideal match.

Ultimately, your decision should align with your specific riding needs and preferences. Both models offer a reliable and feature-packed experience, elevating your communication on the road to new heights. So, gear up, choose, and embrace the joy of connected riding with Cardo Packtalk!


Cardo Packtalk EDGE